SLCPAAA is a 501(C)(3) organization formed to “enhance relations between the community and the Sugar Land Police Department” and to “assist all law enforcement agencies”.

Graduates of the Sugar Land Police Department’s Citizens Police Academy are eligible to join. The Academies are held at the Sugar Land Police Department. For more information check out the City of Sugar Land Citizens’ Police Academy web site.    Already attended the CPA class and would like to sign up?  Please find membership info and signup on the FAQ page.

What do we do?

Members of SLCPAAA help the police department with several volunteer activities (see Photo Gallery).

General membership meetings are held at 7:00pm in the Sugar Land Police Department training room on the second Tuesday of each month. Alumni business is conducted and guest speakers educate and inform members on various law enforcement related topics. Board meetings are held at that location at 6:30pm on the first Tuesday of each month.

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Sugar Land Police Department   Sugar Land Police     Sugar Land Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association

Thank you to all the riders, sponsors, volunteers who supported our Police Department in 2016’s Law Enforcement Memorial Ride
This event supports the Police of Sugar Land in observance of Law Enforcement Week, the week around Peace Officers Memorial day, 5/15, started in 1962 by President Kennedy.

Photos from this year’s ride are in the photo gallery at http://www.slcpaaa.org/gallery/2016-lemr-law-enforcement-memorial-ride/

Also, visit us at facebook.com/groups/slcpaaa


Watch the 12 minute video produced by Guyton Photography, volunteer photographer last year’s 2015 Law Enforcement Memorial Ride.


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Just to share something humorous –

Here are some things most people don’t know but Police Officers do
By Dona Renee

It’s become abundantly clear that the press and the public have very little real understanding of police work…

And something we’ve learned over the years is that during times of stress and tension, a good chuckle is extremely effective medicine.
So, here are some things most people don’t know but officers do.

1. Most cops understand why tickets are necessary, but don’t particularly like writing them. Well, unless they happen to stop “the guy who pays their wages” and then writing a ticket isn’t so bad.

2. The vast majority of cops have never shot anyone, but most cops can recite a detailed list of people who are/were deserving of being shot because they posed a deadly threat. This means that most cops have successfully defused a potentially deadly confrontation using only words and less-lethal weapons.

3. Most cops wonder if they have something better to do until the person asks in that whiny voice, “Don’t you have anything better to do?” It is then — and only then — the cop knows the answer to that question is, “No. This is good as it gets.”

4. Most cops know the driver they just stopped had more that “two beers” and can estimate with reasonable accuracy how many beers a driver did, in fact, have.

5. Most cops like donuts, but so does everybody! They are deliberately made to taste really, really good so people will want to eat them. Please pass me another donut.

6. Most cops wonder why so many members of the community choose to pick up a mobile phone and record them while the officers are rolling in the dirt with an assailant rather than offering to help the officer.

7. Most cops don’t know the color of the people they stop before the traffic stop takes place. This is especially true when those people are driving cars with tinted windows at night.

8. Most cops know that if you fix that muffler / tail light / other mechanical issue for which they’ve stopped you, the cops will stop stopping you.

9. Most cops know it is impossible to stop a squad car fast enough when the drunk in the back seat says, “Stop! I think I’ve got to puke.”

10. Most cops know that the national media do not pursue the truth, they pursue a story. Their story and the truth are too often a little like fraternal twins. They are related, but cops can’t explain why they don’t look anything alike. See MoreSee Less

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Did you know that last year the City of Sugar Land reported that 845 volunteers contributed more than 26,565 hours of service! Don’t forget to report your volunteer hours with the SLCPAA! Our very own Wendy Griffith was selected this last April as Sugar Land Volunteer of the Year for all her work with CPAAA and CAST. See MoreSee Less

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